Do you love storytelling as much as we do? If so, consider becoming a coach!

Contractor position: Ex Fabula Storytelling Coach

Ex Fabula, which is Latin for “from stories”, is a nonprofit that connects Milwaukee through real stories. Our vision is a radically inclusive community that honors the dignity of all people, so we leverage personal stories to help community members connect, advocate and heal. Started as a grassroots effort in 2009, Ex Fabula annually presents a season of public StorySlams and workshops, collaborations with businesses and nonprofits, and media partnerships that extend the reach of stories told onstage. More information:

We are seeking teaching artists to join our roster of contract storytelling coaches, including lead coaches, assistant coaches, and aides. Story coaching (one-on-one coaching or workshop facilitation) may take place around SE Wisconsin or virtually; during workdays, in evenings, or over the weekend. Contractors may decline any coaching session or workshop offered at any time.


  • Foster Brave Spaces where individuals are treated with dignity; prevent and interrupt harm whenever possible.
  • Provide story coaching to Ex Fabula’s clients and community partners.
  • Work with other storytelling coaches to plan and present workshops.
  • Facilitate hands-on, small group activities to help workshop participants create a Brave Space, learn the elements of an effective story, generate story ideas, identify the important elements of their story, and workshop their stories.
  • Craft and share stories as needed.
  • Communicate with Ex Fabula staff before workshops (workshop goals, logistics, materials needed) and afterwards (evaluation, wrap up, invoicing) and complete all documentation as requested.
  • Strategic and judicious decision-making with consistent follow-through and attention to detail.


  • Commitment to Ex Fabula’s mission, vision, and values, which include equity, individuality, intentionality, representation, non-hierarchical, leading by example, interactivity, and incrementalism.
  • Ability to work without supervision.
  • Ability to work well within diverse communities.
  • Previous experience (formal or informal) sharing personal stories (written, oral, or other formats).
  • Previous experience (formal or informal) as a facilitator, teacher, teaching artist, or coach.
  • Desire to continuously learn and grow as part of a community of coaches.
  • A professional and resourceful style; the ability to work independently and as a team player, to take initiative, and to prioritize appropriately while managing multiple tasks and projects at a time.

Ex Fabula is committed to equality and equity. See our Nondiscrimination Policy here. We strongly encourage proposals from people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, individuals with disabilities, and members of other historically under-represented groups.

This is a part-time, contract position. Contractors will be compensated on a flat fee basis for each workshop session. Current fees range from $40 to $250+ depending on role (Lead coach, assistant or aide) and the nature of the workshop(s) or other session(s) contracted for. Fees may change at any time, but will be fully disclosed with each offer.

To apply, please choose 2 to 3 elements of this position and tell us a few brief personal stories that show how you’re a fit for this work. Your stories may be written or captured via audio or video recording (cell phone quality is fine). Please complete this form or email your stories to and put “Storytelling coach” in the subject line. No resume or references required but are welcome.