Businesses can leverage stories in their marketing efforts, leverage storytelling and interviewing techniques to engage customers via social media, and incorporate stories into internal trainings and recognition programs.

Storytelling programs 

Stories for Team building

On the stepladder model of teambuilding, the first step is “I” and the second step is “you” – yet most teambuilding activities immediately jump to the third step, “we”.
Our storytelling workshops are different. We use small group activities to create brave spaces for sharing and listening – and as a result, team members make deeper, more meaningful connections as they discover the surprising things they have in common and the ways in which each team member is unique.

Connecting with Customers through Story

In today’s competitive environment, strong customer relationships are key – but it’s not always easy to earn a client’s trust. In this workshop, participants will discover the connection between risk, safety, and personal stories. Then, they’ll learn and practice storytelling techniques that they can use to engage and connect with customers.

Company Stories

“We value quality and teamwork,” said every company, ever. Stand out from the crowd by telling more detailed stories about your company’s history, mission, and values. Participants will explore the power of storytelling and then generate and craft brief stories that can be leveraged in external marketing and recruiting efforts as well as internal training and recognition programs. Participants will also explore practical tips for collecting and using stories in a business setting.

Cultural Humility / Diversity and Inclusion Programming

Personal stories have the unique power to explore complex topics and engage people in thoughtful discussion and learning. As part of this customized program, participants will listen to Ex Fabula tellers’ topical stories and reflect on those stories in small group dialogues. Participants may also learn to structure and share their own stories.




Employees at 4 Froedtert Hospital locations explored the goal of treating every patient with Dignity and Respect. Each hour-long program wove personal stories about experiences with health providers with brief facilitated dialogue exercises that helped attendees to process the stories. In some stories, positive health outcomes were delayed or prevented due to a provider’s bias or lack of cultural understanding, while other stories modeled best practices and celebrated the wonderful healing work that occurs when medical staff and patients work together.

Despite the challenging nature of the stories, both attendees and tellers raved about the experience:
Shocking. Revealing. Exciting. Emotional.
Great stories. Helpful to understand the other perspective.
Thank you for sharing deeply personal stories. Just know that it IS making a difference.
Folks seemed to be very receptive and open to what we had to say.
This created space to share and have a conversation about issues that health professionals may not be aware of or pay close attention to.

Partner with Ex Fabula

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