Ex Fabula will be back on the WMSE airwaves on Wednesday, Dec 1 at 12:00 noon for a 30 minute long Spectacular Preview – featuring some of our featured Spectacular storytellers’ stories from previous events as we lead up to the December Spectacular at Turner Hall, Dec 11 8pm. Be sure to tune in to get an audio glimpse of the spectacular storytellers we’ll have.

Today we’ve got previously aired episode of the Ex Fabula WMSE radio show – the theme was Death Defying and featured some great stories pulled from a variety of previous events. This episode featured stories from Drew Brhel, Grant Hagen, Jeanie Dean and Karen Kolberg.

Click below to listen to Death Defying – originally aired on WMSE in September 2010. Thanks to WMSE and Jeremy Kuzniar for producing our radio show!

Jeanie Dean at Ex Fabula – Photo by Kat Berger