Date: Tuesday, Dec 14th 2021

Time: doors @ 6:30pm, stories @ 7pm

Location: Central Standard Crafthouse & Kitchen– 320 E Clybourn St, Milwaukee, WI 53202

‘HOOPS’ stories from the basketball court, earrings, culture, and connectedness.

Join us for this very special intimate event as Artist & Photographer Nicole Acosta takes you behind the scenes of her nationally recognized portrait project ‘HOOPS’. Hear stories from folks photographed for the project and hear why HOOP earrings are so meaningful to them – then get your very own portrait taken! Make sure to wear your very own HOOPS.

‘HOOPS’ have been making a statement since 2500 bc and are rocked by many, specifically Black and brown folks. “They have become both a marker of our identities and symbols of home. For some, they became gifts celebrating a coming of age, and for others they evoke memories of self-revelation.” -Nicole Acosta

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