Could You Be Our New Webmaster?

Wait, who are you?

Ex Fabula is a Milwaukee nonprofit that strengthens community bonds through the art of storytelling. We present workshops, StorySlams, and a radio show, all of which feature true, personal stories from community members. It feels like entertainment but also creates space for people to advocate, educate and even heal. We have slowly grown to a staff of 4 and have engaged 27,000 people since our grassroots beginning in 2009.

What kind of site? uses the WordPress content management system and is hosted on Flywheel. We use WooCommerce plus Stripe processing to sell tickets to our workshops, and StorySlams and to process donations and memberships.

Don’t you already have a webmaster?

Yep! We certainly weren’t able to create this site on our own. The issue is that we want to start making more significant upgrades to the site’s look and function. Unfortunately, our current webmaster has limited capacity to complete the work. Fortunately, he will continue as a contractor during this transition and serve as a resource for the new webmaster.

So, what kind of resource do you need?

  • Skills/Experience –
    • WordPress maintenance experience and knowledge (ability to manage plugin updates and troubleshoot any issues arising from those updates)
    • Basic development skills (ability to provide minor customizations to the Ex Fabula website theme and functionality)
    • A thorough understanding of WordPress Content Management (ability to resolve any content issues on the site)
  • Estimated Hours Needed –20-25 hours per month as an independent contractor (approximately 10 hours per month for routine maintenance and support, plus additional time for ‘required’ projects outlined below)
  • Availability –
    • Respond to all critical issues in 4 hours or less; respond to all non-critical issues within 24 hours.
    • Availability for consultation (in person or virtual) during the ‘regular’ work-week (9-5, M-F).


What kind of projects are planned for the next 12-18 months?   

  • WordPress Theme (Design) Refresh(Required) – Implement updates to the site’s look and feel and basic functionality as determined by Ex Fabula Marketing staff to reflect current Ex Fabula organization design/branding, as well as incorporate best practices in mobile display, Section 503 accessibility, security, and SEO practices.
  • Ongoing Plugin Maintenance(Required) – All WordPress plugins will be upgraded to their most current versions. All security-related plugin updates must occur within 72 hours of the version release, and other plugin updates must occur within one week of a new version release.
  • Ongoing Technical Support / Issue Resolution(Required) – The WordPress support resource will provide ongoing technical support for the Ex Fabula site, addressing any technical issues that arise during the term of the support contract.
  • Update Existing Membership Functionality (Required) – The following updates need to be implemented for the existing WooCommerce Membership functionality:
    • Additional fields integrated into Memberships – Add the fields “Notes,” “Dual Membership Second Name,” “Dual Membership Second Email” (if possible)
    • Allow Memberships to be gifted– Any new membership could be purchased and then gifted to another individual
  • Provide Gift Certificates as a Purchasable Product(Required) – Gift certificates of any amount can be purchased and then electronically gifted (via email) to another individual. As an optional alternative to providing the gift certificate via email to the recipient, a gift certificate (containing a unique code) instead could be printed and then provided to the recipient for later online redemption.
  • Provide Functionality to Set Start and End Dates/Times for the purchase of Items (Required) – Provide functionality that will allow a start date/time and end date/time to be set for each item (especially event tickets), in effect limiting the time period during which that item can be purchased.
  • Review Current Membership Approach and Recommend Potential Improvements (Optional) – The Ex Fabula site currently uses WooCommerce Membership and Subscription plugins/functionality to sell and manage memberships. Although it meets most of Ex Fabula’s membership program needs, this approach has a number of drawbacks and technical limitations, often resulting in the need for manual fixes to member data. Any proposed improvements must simplify current workflow without significantly increasing ongoing costs.
  • Update Site to Gutenberg Editor(Optional) – Following the release of WordPress 5.0, a determination should be made regarding the level of business value that would result from upgrading the Ex Fabula site (and theme) to use the new Gutenberg content editor. If the decision is made to upgrade the site to enable the Gutenberg editor, that project would include:
    • Theme and functionality updates to provide full compatibility with the Gutenberg editor
    • Training Ex Fabula content staff on the use of the Gutenberg editor
    • Conversion of all existing site pages and other content to Gutenberg compatibility. (This would either be provided by the WordPress support resource, or the resource would train Ex Fabula-identified staff so that they can convert all pages and content.)
  • Email Migration(Optional) – The domain email accounts may need to be migrated from the current DreamHost hosting to Ex Fabula’s Google Nonprofit account.


So, what do you need to consider me / my company for this work?

No later than 5 pm on Monday December 3, please send a proposal to megan@exfabula.orgwith:

  • Rate – If you have different billing rates for different types of work, please break out rates.
  • WordPress References – Please provide two or more WordPress references, including both contacts and URLs for the site(s) being supported.
  • Thoughts on security –Please briefly describe how security is part of your workflow as well as your overall approach to WordPress security.

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