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Ex Fabula: Centering Stories – of All Tellers

When the members of Ex Fabula, the Milwaukee storytelling collective, introduce themselves, they start at a natural place for any narrator: the beginning. Megan McGee, the collective’s executive director, explains that her interest in theater led her to explore what she calls “the unspoken rules of being human.” Event producer Alea McHatten first started sharing stories in a diary and later through poetry. Marketing and communications associate Nicole Acosta recalls how every family gathering centered around sharing tales. And Michaela Lacy, Ex Fabula’s Public Allies fellow, puts it this way: “I don’t think there’s much you can do without telling stories. Stories mold and shape who we are.” -Written by Elly Fishman for Milwaukee Magazine

Ex Fabula’s Deaf StorySlam: Associated Bank Trailblazer MANDI Award

The Deaf StorySlam was not meant to only impact the audience and Deaf community members in attendance. Its purpose is to contribute to an ecosystem of inclusivity that does not end once the event is over. “I truly would say that Ex Fabula does impact invisible voices that need to be heard around Milwaukee,” Petermon said. “And all over the Deaf and hearing community, this is an excellent opportunity and platform for people to understand each other again.” -Written By Emma Brauer for LISC Milwaukee


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I think that’s how I hold sacred the way Ex Fabula holds its space for storytellers, in our city. And again, their mission is, weaving Milwaukee together through stories. And I wanted to do right by that. So I didn’t want to seem Cavalier and be like, “I’m just gonna sweep in and do this.” I wanted to make sure we do this right. And I want to say and let folks know, I it’s magical what they do. In a time where we’re socially distanced, it’s probably more important than ever, to have spaces where folks can come and be vulnerable, and share their stories of reimagining the city.

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