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Since 2009, Ex Fabula has been connecting community through the art of true, personal storytelling. Ex Fabula, which is Latin for “from stories”, presents storytelling workshops, StorySlams and Community Collaborations where people listen to each other, feel heard, and grow in empathy and understanding.

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What People Say

Thank you so much for connecting me to [storytelling coach] Karen! She was absolutely amazing to work with. I’m not sure I would have made it through my presentation without her. I received wonderful feedback from my keynote. Also, I’ve been asked to speak at another conference already!

Tweet from Eric Potter @pottereric The #ThatConference keynote this morning is doing a job of using storytelling to explain technical topics. Thanks @TonyaSims

Tonya Sims, Python Software Developer Advocate at Deepgram
Young black woman with shoulder-length brown hair. She is sitting and smiling at the camera.


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