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Kinds of accommodations


Reserved ADA seating (wheelchair seating, limited mobility, limited vision, hearing impairment, service animal, etc.) is available at our monthly StorySlams. Just include your request in the “order notes” field during checkout.

Reading and seeing

At Slams, we can provide print materials in Braille, large print, or text formats; reserved seating near the stage or with space for a service animal; a volunteer to describe the room and/or guide you around; a volunteer to scribe your UltraShort on a slip of paper; a chair onstage to orient yourself; and other accommodations as requested. Just include your request in the “order notes” field during checkout.

At workshops, we can describe images, provide digital copies of materials, or even conduct activities without any handouts.  Most of our workshops are customized, but with advance notice, we can also provide Braille or large print materials.


For Deaf individuals who communicate with ASL, we offer ASL Interpretation upon request. Please note that we generally need two weeks advance notice to secure a team of professional interpreters; we will do our best to accommodate requests received with less notice. We also offer storytelling workshops and a full StorySlam in ASL as part of the Deaf Stories Project.


Most of our StorySlams include time limits for stories, usually 5 minutes, in order to effectively share stage time among many storytellers. However, we will gladly modify the time allotted for individuals who have related speech, language, or communication problems such as stuttering, aphasia, apraxia and dysarthria. Please contact us so we can figure out how best to meet your needs.

Steve, who is nonverbal, shares his story through gestures, while Joel reads the story.

Steve, who is nonverbal, shares his story through gestures as Joel voices the pre-written story. Photo by Art Montes.

For non-verbal individuals who wish to tell a story onstage, we can provide a volunteer to “voice” your story off-stage. Just write out your story and contact us so we can connect you with a voice. Thanks to storyteller Steve Wolski and volunteer Joel Dresang who originated this format a 2015 event put on in partnership with Broadscope Disability Services! Listen to Steve’s story as aired on Ex Fabula Radio on WUWM. 

Another option is to tell a story using a communication device, with or without an assistant. Please contact us so we can figure out how best to amplify your device so all can hear.

Wheelchair accessibility

We have conducted venue walkthroughs and engaged our venues in conversations around accessibility. Unless specifically noted, all venues have accessible entryways and bathrooms.

Unfortunately, very few Milwaukee venues have accessible stages, but we are always ready to move the microphone to an accessible location.

If you have questions about a venue, would like clarification of which building entrance is accessible, or want someone to meet you upon arrival, please make a note in the order notes field, and we’ll be in touch.


We have limited funding to assist individuals with disabilities with the cost of transportation to and from Ex Fabula events! Just let us know what event you’d like to attend using the form below, and we’ll confirm that we have funding. Generally, we need you to provide us with a receipt (paper or electronic) and we can reimburse up to $50 in travel costs – ideally via PayPal so you get it quickly.


We can provide a volunteer to cue individuals with memory loss who wish to tell a story but are not comfortable telling without notes.

This list is not comprehensive, so please do reach out to discuss how we can create a welcoming environment for you at Ex Fabula events!

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