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Since 2009, Ex Fabula has been connecting community through the art of true, personal storytelling. Ex Fabula, which is Latin for “from stories”, presents storytelling workshops, StorySlams and Community Collaborations where people listen to each other, feel heard, and grow in empathy and understanding. Special projects like the Ex Fabula Fellowship, the Puente Project, and Equal Access use personal stories to address the factors that divide us, and Ex Fabula Radio on 89.7 WUWM extends the reach of powerful stories told by community members.

By producing live storytelling events, we celebrate the power of true and personal stories to connect us. Paradoxically, stories reveal our shared humanity while also acknowledging that each person’s journey is unique. We can learn a lot from listening to the life experiences of those who are different from us. Each tale of struggle, triumph, and discovery reveals who we are now, and who we hope to become.

Ex Fabula is committed to diversity and hosts events throughout the city – from Bronzeville to Bay View and Westtown to Sherman Park.

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