Dan Lococo on stage at The New Year Spectacular and an ASL interpreter in the same frame
Dan Lococo on stage at The New Year Spectacular

When we say “Story. Stage. You.”, we mean it! We’re still learning, but we want to create a welcoming, accessible, aggressively inclusive environment – so please share your ideas to help us improve!

Here’s what Zach Lifton, an Ex Fabula volunteer, had to say about the project after assisting a teller from the Equal Access Project, Dan Lococo, at the 2018 New Year Spectacular:

“While I know the goal of the Equal Access Project is to make storytelling more accessible to those with disabilities, I want to let you know that an additional [positive] consequence is that it exposes “able-bodied” volunteers like myself to a whole different community and life experience–and thus a whole differentunderstanding of folks beyond the bubble of my every day world.”