Ex Fabula Membership

Levels and benefits

At the Mic

  • 3 FREE StorySlam tickets
  • 1 EXperience ticket per event
  • 50% off a workshop
  • t-shirt discounts

During a Meal

  • 5 FREE StorySlam tickets
  • 1 FREE Guest pass to share
  • 2 EXperience tickets per event
  • 1 FREE workshop
  • t-shirt discounts

Around the Fire

  • 8 FREE StorySlam tickets
  • 2 FREE Guest passes to share
  • 4 EXperience tickets per event
  • 2 FREE workshops
  • 1 free shirt, mug, or tote

Keepers of the Story

  • Unlimited StorySlam tickets for member and a guest
  • 4 FREE Guest passes to share
  • 4 EXperience tickets per event
  • 2 FREE workshops
  • 1 free shirt, mug, or tote
  • Share a message at Slam
  • Reserved seats upon request

Your Membership:

Helps amplify underrepresented voices and stories – through affinity group storytelling workshops, community collaborations, and free tickets for folks that couldn’t afford them. These efforts help more Milwaukeeans to meaningfully connect through personal stories – but don’t take it from us! As one participant said, “Breaching barriers between strangers in your community can be hard. Ex Fabula offers a safe, meaningful way to do that.”

Since Ex Fabula is a 501(c)(3) organization, all or part of your gift may be tax-deductible as a charitable contribution depending on the value of the benefits used.  Please check with your tax advisor.

F. A. Q.

How long is my membership valid?

Memberships are valid for 12 months. Then you renew, so you don’t miss out!

Do your events have age restrictions?

It varies. Some events are held in bars (21+), while other venues like Turner Hall allow minors. In either case, stories may contain adult content, so please use your discretion.

How do I use my StorySlam tickets?

  • Members are issued credits that they can use to reserve advance tickets to regular StorySlams. Then, check in at Will Call at least 15 minutes before showtime.
  • Or, you can show up and check-in with Will Call to use your member credit, provided that there is still room.
  • Either way, consider arriving early, as seating is General Admission.

What’s an EXperience?

These special events are held 3-4 times per year and are free for members. These intimate, experiential events take you behind the scenes of unique Milwaukee locations such as Saint Kate Arts Hotel, Freight 38, Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, and Shaker’s Cigar Bar. Enjoy an evening of storytelling and adventure at an EXperience event!

Can I bring guests to events with me?

Absolutely! If you have enough member credit for 6 tickets, you can reserve yourself a ticket for 6 events, use it all at one event with 5 friends, or anything in between.

How can I give a membership to someone else?

Aww, you’re so generous and thoughtful! Just select the membership you’d like to gift, and then include the following details in the notes field at checkout:

  • Recipient name, address, phone and email
  • Where we should send the member welcome packet – to you or to the gift recipient?
  • If we’re mailing to the recipient, is there a message you’d like us to include?
  • Would you like this to arrive as soon as possible, or only after a certain date?

We will manually transfer the membership to your recipient, send you a tax form, and send out a member welcome packet however you indicated that we should.

Are these benefits subject to change?

Wow, are you a lawyer? Good question. As it happens, yes, they are subject to change.

How do the Guest passes work?

You’ll receive a coupon code that you can give to a friend, so they can reserve a free ticket to a Slam – even if you’re not going.

Can I give my member benefits to someone else?

Sorry, member benefits are not transferable – except for the Guest passes. You can gift an entire membership to someone else though see above!