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Virtual Workshops

“Thank you SO MUCH, to Megan and Alea and the whole Ex Fabula team, for partnering with the Cardinal Stritch University Doctoral Leadership Program.  The workshop the team facilitated provided a wonderful opportunity to connect narrative and oral storytelling to theory.  The workshop also served as a way to bring together our program framework with the goals of storytelling for social justice.  Not only did Megan and Alea spend time listening to the hopes for the session in order to fit within a highly applicable context for learning, they were such a pleasure to work with.  Due to the current events, the team was open and willing to switch the delivery of the session to be fully online in a very short notice.  I can’t thank you enough for your support and facilitation of co-creating this very “brave space”. 

– Dr. Aaliyah Baker, Faculty, Cardinal Stritch University

Equity and Diversity & Inclusion Training

“Ex Fabula and the Zeidler Center collaborated with us to plan a large-scale conversation for our faculty and staff around the issue of race in the classroom.  The stories shared by the Ex Fabula storytellers modeled reflection and vulnerability, laying a foundation for meaningful dialogues facilitated by the Zeidler Center.”

Alison Dupee, LS/MS World Language Chair, University School of Milwaukee

Relationship Building

“Ex Fabula has changed the way we interact with some families and how our patients stories are perceived. This workshop laid a great foundation for the type of work we do to engage our families at a systems level.” -Lori Albers

Authentic Team Building

“It was impressive to observe and experience the balance of vulnerability with fun. Often sessions that bring out vulnerability are heavy; this session caused us to laugh, learn about each other, challenge ourselves, and grow together.” -Elizabeth Flamm

Leveraging stories in leadership

“Cielo used Ex Fabula as their keynote during their annual leadership conference. One of our core values is being personal. Megan and her team helped us with a creative and effective way to help display that value with our clients and each other.”

Advocacy Stories

“1 week after the storytelling workshop, I spoke to 500 medical leaders from across the country about opportunities to improve patient safety. Your training helped me to convey my story so that it elicited an emotional response, and that helped the audience to connect with what I had to say.”– Ryan Freund, Lead Coordinator, Mended Little Hearts of Wisconsin

Design your Fundraising Story

“I loved the session with Megan McGee! Writing and copywriting are primary functions for me, and her ideas are relatable, applicable concepts. Plus, she is SUPER fun!”

Storytelling for Higher Education

“This department seminar was one of the best professional development activities I’ve participated in over the last 10 years.  We need our data-driven, objective minded leaders to be great at telling the stories of our profession and patients to achieve excellence in education, research, advocacy and outreach. This highly memorable session used active learning to teach us how to build, practice, and use those stories.”  -Professor Andrew P. Traynor, Concordia University Wisconsin School of Pharmacy