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Tell your true personal story inspired by the “Portrait of Milwaukee”exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum! Participate in a story circle which will help you prepare for a live storytelling event open to the public on December 5th.

How this project works:

On Thursday November 7, you’ll tour the MAM Portrait of Milwaukee exhibit, identify a photo that resonates with you, and then participate in a small group StoryCircle where you’ll share a personal story related to that image. There won’t be a full storytelling workshop, but there will be the chance to get feedback and polish your story a bit.

On Thursday December 5, you’ll be part of the Living Library, along with other tellers. During your time slot (approx 1-2 hours long) you’ll sit or stand near the photo that inspired your story. Folks will have the chance to gather near you, and once there’s a group of maybe 4-6 listeners, you’ll share your 3-4 minute story. Informal – no mic.

Why should you participate?
It’s a cool opportunity to develop as a teller – and share a story with a small audience, but without having to get onstage.

Story Circle Dates:Thursday, November 7th 1:30pm-4pm & 5:30pm-8pm
Storytelling Event: Thursday, December 5th 1:30pm-4pm & 5:30pm-8pm

Fill out this form if you’d like to participate in our “Living Library” project, and we’ll be in touch to confirm. Space is limited, so we’re trying to balance multiple factors as we select tellers.

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