I dedicated most of my imagination to visualizing what this moment would look like.  Somedays, when my mind said, “I can’t do this anymore!” my heart said “Greater is coming.” Now, a week after my graduation from Public Allies Milwaukee, I can proudly say that greater has come. Greater has showed up to my door with a basket of muffins and a bottle of well-earned champagne (that’s a special inside joke for all my fellow PA alumni.)  Starting July 19th, I will officially be hired on as an Ex Fabula staff member!

A lot of my first year as an Ex Fabula staff member will be dedicated to transitioning into a brand-new role. My first two years with Ex Fabula, I spent time building capacity for our volunteer program. This role has helped me gain confidence in thinking about big picture goals. Before this, I had no experience operating outside of a “blueprint system”. My natural response to a task was to ask “What do you want me to do, how do you want me to do it and when do you want it done?” This mindset came from a partial lifetime of working jobs where my only objectives were  to smile and  provide immediate service. Things were different at Ex Fabula. I got paid to give my thoughts and feelings about systems and impact. Now that I’ve got two years learning to strengthen that muscle, I plan to use it to help me in embracing my new role: Youth Engagement Specialist.

My personal goal is to assist young people in the process of flexing the muscles I was just recently taught to flex. If I at 22 can feel empowered to change the world by being asked, “what is your story and how does your story make you feel” I know that someone younger than me will grab that and shake the world up. I believe this world will benefit greatly from being seen from a fresh set of eyes. Instead of being taught to do things in a certain way and think things because they’re supposed to, young people need to be asked what they think and why.

Before my two years with Ex Fabula, I would’ve never had the confidence to assist in creating and spearheading an entire program. All of this is a product of being asked how I think and how I feel. With the help of all the community at both Ex Fabula and Public Allies, I have walked right up to my “greater” claimed it with great pride. Time to pop open the bubbly!