by Ex Fabula blogger, Steph Kilen

Now that everything that was “Better Left Unsaid” has been said, we can share with you the great stories that were told Wednesday, April 11 at Stonefly Brewery for our last story slam of the season.

Andrew Larsen started off the night with a story whose moral was, “Sometimes the things you think you shouldn’t say are absolutely the things you have to say,” as illustrated by his telling his Lutheran minister father that he is gay and the blessing he received from him.

All Photos: © Kathrine Schleicher 2012 –

Peter Mulvey’s tale of “karma working quickly” showed him revealing a girl’s embarrassment to a friend only to be embarrassed himself as she caught him in the betrayal.

Sometimes you have to say something because it is the right thing to do, even if it is not the truth, as Mike Heider found out when he told his father, who was lying in a hospital bed, that he loved him.

So many words better left unsaid come out in drunken ramblings. And while we often regret most of that, Scott Heaton’s ramblings, though immediately awkward, ultimately led his friend to get help for her anorexia.

Eryn Longstaff had a list of issues she had with her boyfriend to share with him, but he broke up with her before she could, leading her to declare, “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear to be a bitch than to open it and reveal that you actually are.”

Steph Kilen won Audience Favorite with her story of uncontrolled gushing when finally meeting her favorite author leaving all the things she planned to say to him unsaid.

William Barnewitz told of the bliss of having his first pedicure (including having his nails painted blue). Unfortunately, that evening after climbing up a ladder-back chair to save his daughters from the terror of a spider, he fell off the chair and was impaled by said chair in “the one place he could be.” Though the pain and blood had him considering a trip to the hospital, the desire to leave assumptions about a man with blue toenails and such an injury unsaid left him to skip the trip.

After heroically fending off a sexual assault with a bag of cupcakes, Claire Peterson had to endure comments from a police officer who could have appeared more competent had he left them unsaid.

Finally Jeff Kerr rounded out the night with a story from his youth of “crazy hillbilly magic” that continues to haunt him.

Now that all the stories for the season have been said, join us at Turner Hall on Friday, June 8 for our All Stars event featuring the Audience Favorite from each of this year’s story slams telling stories on the theme “Saves the Day.”