On Thursday night Hot Water Wherehouse was packed with locals ready to share and listen to true, personal tales about the various probabilities, equations, and pop quizzes of life. You know, Do the Math. The ever wonderful Leah Delaney served as emcee for the evening, charming the eager crowd with news and UltraShorts.

"Need an UltraShort?" Photo by Art Montes.

“Need an UltraShort?” Photo by Art Montes.

First-timer Bill Stevens kicked things off, sharing a tale of travel complete with ‘x’ amount of possibilities; including monkeys and pretty women. Michael Mishlove, the evening’s second newcomer, disclosed a relatable & comical tale concerning ‘negative’ lifestyle choices, his “angina monologue” and the discovery of mockumentaries. Peter Woods quizzed the audience on roman numerals before sharing his story about being a bear, being a mentor and that persistence reaps many rewards.
After a brief intermission and reading of UltraShorts, the microphone was blessed with two more first timers. Up first was Jacqueline Rice, who was gracious in providing a heads up on numbers as well. Her narrative of singing, the sexiness of Antonio Banderas and being able to live in the moment definitely touched a soft spot with the audience. Newbie Eric Maynard ‘s account of chemistry, partaking of a vision quest and last minute honesty amused the crowd, reminding all that procrastination sometimes pays off. Lauren Poppen shared with the audience her serious love of math, a Hawaiian shirt professor and her angst in achieving the perfect score.
Sue Blaustein kicked off the final part of the evening with her tale about the highs & lows, statistics and camaraderie of being a city inspector. She was followed by Peter May, whose unfortunate series of events included a misfired “shot”, a run in with a crazy eight bunch and self reflection. The evening’s final storyteller, Aims McGuinness, shared his amusing heads up tale about beach employees, missing ‘variables’ and learning that revenge truly is a dish best served cold…and communal bathrooms. Audience members turned in their ballots to be tallied and were treated to a rousing and inspiring tale from guest storyteller Andre Lee Ellis.

Guest storyteller Andre Lee Ellis. Photo by Art Montes.

Guest storyteller Andre Lee Ellis. Photo by Art Montes.

He spoke on personal & community struggles, being the change that needs to exist and reminding the captivated crowd that ‘we got this’. At the end of the evening, congratulations were in order for..…….Aims McGuinness! Congrats on securing the final spot for ALL STARS!!

Emcee Leah Delaney & Audience Favorite  Aims McGuinness. Congrats! Photo by Art Montes.

Emcee Leah Delaney & Audience Favorite Aims McGuinness. Congrats! Photo by Art Montes.

Big thanks to all of the storytellers for gracing the stage and allowing us a glimpse into their world with their true, personal stories. Much appreciation to everyone who came out, giving Ex Fabula its third sold out show in a row! Thanks to all the volunteers that kept things running smoothly with the packed house as well! Special thanks to frequent venue host Hot Water Wherehouse, April’s event sponsor, Starting Line Athletics and our season sponsors BelAir Cantina and Transfer Pizzeria Cafe. Ex Fabula is thankful for the continued support and contributions of its sponsors, members & community collaborators. See you soon, ExFabulites!