As Ex Fabula prepares to host its second event at Turner Hall, the December Spectacular at 8pm on Saturday the 11th, a slate of experienced storytellers are busy preparing their tales for that epic stage.

In the meantime, Ex Fabula is pleased to relieve some of the tension; we proudly present four of the storytellers that will spin never-before-heard, “Gifts” themed yarns on the 11th:

Lisa Gatewood
Lisa is a singer/songwriter who’s particularly skilled at crafting some of the saddest contemporary folk songs heard this side of the Mississippi. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Lisa released her first album, “I’ve Read Salinger” in 2007 and is at work her second album, due out in Spring of 2011, now.

Emmett Gross
Emmett was born and raised on the North Side of Milwaukee and now lives on the South Side. By day, he works with high school students to develop their math and design skills (he’s a trained designer). By night, he shapes his stories by enduring a constant stream of abuse from his brother until a finished product emerges.

Amie Losi
A native Californian, Amie has been freezing in Wisconsin for the past 10 years. She is a mother of three: Hannah, Jack and Alex. While working as an adjunct teacher at UWM, Amie also does theater and choreography in and around Milwaukee for many professional, community and high school theater companies.

Cindy Grover
In an alternate life, Cindy would be an ethnographer. In this life, she is practicing nurse and nurse instructor. Cindy moved to Milwaukee fifteen years. Fourteen years ago, she quit the job that dragged her here, but she still hasn’t quit the city. Cindy used to consider getting on stage her version of Hell, but now she’s making the leap to Turner Hall because she believes in the power of stories.

This event is expected to fill up quickly, so be sure to purchase your tickets in advance. $10 tickets are available at and at the Pabst Theater box office. The doors will open at 7 pm and seating is general admission.