by Ex Fabula blogger, Steph Kilen

Romance, friendship, charm, plenty of  awkward moments and even a few surprises were on the bill for Ex Fabula’s “How We Met” Story Slam, Wednesday, February 15th at Stonefly Brewery.

Brooke Maroldi and Greg Ryan were the first of several duos to take the stage with their story of meeting through the personal ads. Their courtship was enchanting and now they are married thanks to Brooke accidentally answering the wrong ad. First-time storyteller Scott VanVreede told of meeting love only to have her move away 4 years later.

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“I understand how confidence works, it just doesn’t work for me,” said John Noonan who none the less approached a lovely dancer in a bar. She spoke little English and he little Portuguese, but they learned to make it work and eventually got married.

Sammi Dittloff and Steve Kaufman told the story of all the times they almost met before they actually met and started dating. Better said: Sammi told the story while Steve gave monosyllabic agreements between sips of his drink.

Scott Heaton amused the crowd with the incredibly awkward circumstances of meeting his friend Amber and the chocolate Garfield that saved the day and began their friendship.

Barbara Chudnow set up her friend, Andy, with Marge Eiseman at a Jewish singles party. While Marge and Andy are now divorced, her friendship with Barbara has endured.

When Clarence “Sammy” Aumend met his sisters, he had actually known them for years, but as his cousins.

The Audience Favorite went to Bob and Virginia Pothier who together told the story of how they met and how ten days after that first meeting, Bob asked Virginia to marry him. Twenty-five years later they are still married. The Pothiers’ story had several plots twists, drama, comedy and a surprise ending. You’re just going to have to come to the next event if you want to be sure not to miss the juicy details of the winning story.

Speaking of, the next Ex Fabula Story Slam is Tuesday, March 13th at Bay View Brew Haus. The theme will be “Piece of Cake.” Stories start at 7:30, but be sure to get their early to get a seat.