Prior to serving with Ex Fabula, I would’ve never been able to tell you what a radically inclusive environment even was, let alone what it looked like. I had no experience working in one. I spent my days reluctantly accepting the “fact’ that jobs were about making money, and not about how I felt. My identity was never a contributing factor at McDonalds or Giant grocery store. At some jobs, my identity stood as either a divider between my acceptance or a token inviting me into spaces I would not otherwise be allowed. All of this changed when I became a staff member at Ex Fabula. I started thinking about my identity much more than I ever had before. I never knew how much it would play a role in my position at this unique organization. I also never knew that my identity was affirmed through an entire language most jobs would not have granted me access to.

It is important that organizations do the work to use inclusive language at all times in workspaces. People deserved to feel affirmed, especially in spaces where they are tasked to serve. For more insight on terms and how they’re used, here’s an article: