After ten years of community storytelling, Ex Fabula wanted to celebrate in a big way by revealing a fresh look! We hired our Marketing and Communications Associate Nicole Acosta at the beginning of season 10 and contracted Graphic Designer Jazmin Delgado the following year. Together, with the support of staff and the board of directors, they began the work of re-envisioning our new logo.

We looked at other organizations doing similar work locally and nationally; we collected data from surveys and used feedback from workshop participants, volunteers and audience members to help inform an improved mission statement. Here’s our logo story…

Why the circle?

When we looked at initial sketches, we leaned towards images with circular elements, because Ex Fabula’s work is all about connecting and convening. We often have people sit in circles at workshops, and we even host events called StoryCircles where people share stories that are works in progress. A circle made sense, so that’s where we started.

Why the microphone?

We knew we wanted to incorporate a microphone to represent the amplification of voices. Specifically, under-represented voices. We also liked the idea of a mic pointing slightly upwards on an angle to give a sense of movement and optimism.

What inspired the look?


We didn’t want to feel stuffy or overly formal. Since our StorySlams are public events that usually take place in the evening, we wanted something that would give us a live entertainment feeling. We leaned towards a handwriting style font, to hint at “personal touch.”

Why B&W? 

We don’t have a color printer! Okay, but really, B&W gave us flexibility to switch up our color schemes. For Season 11, Nicole picked a gray and pumpkin orange combo, but Season 12 might be different!

Words people used to describe us:

Shared, seen, invested, connection, inspired, human.

Words that inspired us:

“Sharing stories is magic. It’s human to human connection -we are in deep need for more moments of genuine, honest, present-moment connection.” 

“I always love attending the StorySlams and come away feeling inspired and hopeful about the world. But participating was an even different and more wonderful experience. It was scary, exhilarating, and rewarding all at once. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Preliminary sketches…

Before and after…