We have exciting news! A generous anonymous donor has given us a matching challenge of $10,000!

Starting on March 20, World Storytelling Day, all contributions to Ex Fabula will be matched up to $10,000. That includes donations, membership renewals, etc. Even better, new contributors will be matched twice. So if you aren’t a member and you join at the $60 level, the donor will give Ex Fabula $120! You’ll get a year of great benefits AND help Ex Fabula to achieve the match.

Here are some ways that you can help us reach our goal:

  • Renew your membership after March 20th
  • Renew at a higher membership level than you had last year (x2!)
  • Make an additional donation after March 20th (x2!)
  • Encourage a friend or loved one to purchase a new membership (x2!)
  • Share information about this campaign with your network!

Contributions go towards funding a variety of projects, including the Deaf Stories Project, the Equal Access Project, Brave Space, Youth Affinity Storytelling, and regular season StorySlams. If you want to help Ex Fabula keep doing amazing work, please consider donating today!

Stories told on the Ex Fabula stage can go on to have a broad impact. Take Rochelle Fritsch‘s story, for example. Rochelle was an Ex Fabula Fellow and told several stories on our stage. One story was about searching for her ancestors and discovering how a lynching led to their migration north. This story went on to take many forms.

  • She wrote and published a version of this story on the Wisconsin Humanities Council website and on her blog.
  • Two recorded versions of her story were shared on 89.7 WUWM and Riverwest Radio.
  • DETOUR turned it into a beautifully illustrated short film.
  • Rochelle even led workshops at the Wisconsin Black Historical Society and Museum to help others craft their family stories.

By supporting local storytelling, you are supporting connection, expression, creation, and healing in our community.