Ryan serves up microgreens; photo by Elizabeth Dawson.

Ryan serves up microgreens; all photos by Elizabeth Dawson.

On Sunday the 3rd, Ex Fabula hosted a Secret Fabula event at Sugar Bee Farm and the Energy Exchange. Members were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at this unique organization that included a tour, a chance to try delicious sautéed mushrooms with fresh greens, a game of trivia, and of course,  great stories!

Sarah; photo by Elizabeth Dawson



The storytelling segment began with a tale from Beekeeper Sarah Christman who shared what she learned from the bees when she listened. Next, Sugar Bee Farm owner Sebastian Zoric Martinez shared a moving account of what led him to his work as a farmer. He said that agriculture is like life in that “there is always going to be another corner, so just get back to nourishing the soil and yourself; plant seeds and try again.” Lastly, Energy Exchange board member and microgreen grower Ryan Dale shared a secret about how his wife’s native Catalonia has one of the weirdest Christmas traditions on earth.

Man standing at a microphone


Thank you storytellers for sharing your wonderful stories! And we would like to express a huge thanks to our members and our fabulous host, Sugar Bee Farm and the Energy Exchange.  We hope you join us to discover what our next Secret Fabula has in store!

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