Three seasons ago, Ex Fabula took a chance on me after spending months interviewing for jobs in the marketing industry with no luck. The biggest challenge I faced was being Latina, attempting to break into a field dominated by white males. My skills and talent meant nothing, and eventually I became incredibly discouraged. What I didn’t know then was something bigger was waiting for me.
I’ll never forget walking into Megan’s home for my first interview and seeing Kennita. A Black woman, who would be a part of the interview panel! Up to this point, every interview I had been on was led by white folks and never felt comfortable or that I would be taken seriously. For the first time, I felt I might have had a small chance, and could put my walls down. I remember the call I got from Megan, to offer me the position. I was in Texas with my family on vacation and spent some time in disbelief. This was my first lesson in manifestation.
I grew up in a family that always told stories. I spent my teen years documenting my friend circles and myself through photography – my intro to visual storytelling. I became a young mom at 19 and spent every year up to the age of 34 dedicated to motherhood. The stories I’ve collected as a mother will hopefully continue to live through my children. At 34, I finally freed myself from an abusive relationship and reclaimed who I was. That’s where MY real story began. And now, at 39, an entirely new chapter of stories is waiting to be written. I’m completely in love for the first time in years, I’m moving into a big beautiful new home, I’m healing well from experiencing heart failure earlier this year, and I’m taking on a new title ‘Marketing Director’ with the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre.
Ex Fabula has been my home for the last three years. I’ve been able to flourish as a creative who has a passion for storytelling and marketing. I’ve heard so many stories, even shared a few of my own. I’ve learned so much about myself and met many great people on this journey. How blessed am I that I could witness vulnerability, happiness, love, joy, fears, anger, sadness, hope, faith, and more on stages all across Milwaukee for a living?! I’m truly going to miss this space. But like many stories, either they come to an end or they can be continued. In my case, I hope to continue this work at the Chamber Theatre.
Thank you Megan, Kennita and Jeremy for the opportunity and seeing the potential in me three years ago. To my co-workers Alea and Michaela, thank you for doing this work, it’s not easy and we don’t get our flowers enough! And lastly, thank you to every storyteller I had the pleasure of listening to, you have all inspired me in some way. This is not a goodbye, but see you later. To be continued…
With love,
Nicole smiling, long hair tossed over one shoulder and wearing a shirt that says freedom love joy peace