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Ex Fabula Invites You To Tell Your Story As Part Of The Equal Access Project

Ex Fabula is excited to announce the second year of the Equal Access Project, which aims to amplify the voices and stories of individuals with disabilities.  Throughout the first year we’ve had many successes and learning opportunities.  Like, did you know that there are only a handful of wheelchair accessible stages in the Milwaukee area?  The Equal Access Project, in partnership with various disability-focused organizations brings these issues to light while creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all.

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MUTCD road sign aka wheelchair symbol for accessibility

Announcing the Equal Access Project

There’s a lot to be said for someone who can get up on stage and tell a personal story in front of a room full of strangers. It takes guts and confidence and a clear voice. No one understands that better than us!

Unfortunately, some people face additional barriers, and that’s especially true when it comes to people with disabilities. An individual who uses a wheelchair, for example, will find that few stages have ramps. However, storytelling is a participatory activity and more than that, it’s an exercise in community-building that demands aggressive inclusivity. A blind person shouldn’t be defined solely by his or her blindness but rather related to as a person who is experiencing all of life’s love, joy, loss, and happiness, much as any other person.

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