Ex Fabula is excited to announce the second year of the Equal Access Project, which aims to amplify the voices and stories of individuals with disabilities.  Throughout the first year we’ve had many successes and learning opportunities.  Like, did you know that there are only a handful of wheelchair accessible stages in the Milwaukee area?  The Equal Access Project, in partnership with various disability-focused organizations brings these issues to light while creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all.

Ex Fabula’s mission is to strengthen community bonds through the art of storytelling and within that framework, Ex Fabula recognized the need to marry technology with accessibility.  Attendees at StorySlams can now access voting ballots and programs in Braille, thanks to Audio & Braille Literary Enhancement (ABLE).  Ex Fabula volunteers also worked through projects to caption YouTube videos, transcribe audio on the Ex Fabula website and assist guests at StorySlams.

Equal Access Project LogoDuring the year, Ex Fabula engaged over 100 participants at 7 storytelling workshops, each  unique to the needs of the partner organization. Here are just a few quotes from workshop participants:

“I wanted to feel more confident about telling a story from memory and it was totally realized” – IndependenceFirst

“The Ex Fabula staff engaged all participants.  Everyone interacted.  Lots of smiles.” – Vision Forward

“It gave me the opportunity to share something.  Generally, I don’t do that.” – Milwaukee FACETS

“Great way to learn about others and communicate in a non-traditional way!” – Milwaukee Center for Independence

“Very warm, welcoming environment.  Facilitators made the process easy, understandable, safe – and fun!” – Aspergers Empowerment Group

Ex Fabula was able to welcome a storyteller who had participated in a workshop at Vision Forward, to the stage at the New Year Spectacular back in January.  Luann McGregor’s story was affirmed with a standing ovation from the audience and more people were exposed to the project’s purpose.

Looking forward, we hope that the Equal Access Project’s second year will enable even more individuals to tell their stories.  The Equal Access Project was made possible with grant support from the Milwaukee Arts Board and Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the state of Wisconsin.  To get more involved and learn more about the Equal Access Project, like us on Facebook, sign up for the Ex Fabula mailing list and look out for future storytelling workshops and programming.