Defined by wordsmith guru’s Merriam-Webster, a best-kept secret is a very good thing that not many people know about. At Ex Fabula, we feel that way about our wonderful membership program. Did you know that in addition to our monthly slams, we have special benefits that only members have access to? But don’t just take our word for it!

Here’s what Branch Manager of the Urban Ecology Center – Menomonee Valley, Glenna Holstein had to say:

But first, there are some things you should know about membership. Your membership helps to provide the matching funds that Ex Fabula needs in order to get grants for outreach projects like the FellowshipEqual AccessPuente Project, etc. These efforts help more Milwaukeeans to meaningfully connect through personal stories.

Those meaningful stories are what initially drew Glenna in and keeps her coming back. She loves stories in any format: films, books and plays.

“Getting to hear stories live is an incredible experience.  I particularly love how intimate the events often feel–people are sharing something really personal, and I think that vulnerability is so needed to build the kind of community I”m interested in,” she said.

Young woman in a pink shirt standing in the foreground with a building in the background.

Photo courtesy of the Urban Ecology Center website.

Another part of our organization that excited and encouraged Glenna to become a member is our mission. The mission of Ex Fabula is to strength community bonds through the art of storytelling. Glenna understands community and actively works in her professional and personal life to build the inclusive, engaged community she knows Milwaukee can be.

“I’m passionate about building community and expanding our understanding of what community means. For me, that means working to connect people to each other and to the natural world. I would say my greatest accomplishment so far has been being part of the team that brought Three Bridges Park into reality.”

Like the various outdoor spaces that Glenna is used to activating, our memberships are accessible to various levels. Memberships start at just $60 per year and are valid for 12-months. There are five levels of membership, with solo and duo options at each level.

Season 9 is around the corner and if you haven’t been to an event yet, or signed up to become a member, Glenna’s advice to you is this: “It’s fun, and usually equal parts funny, tragic, vulnerable and moving, it’s a great way to experience our community. I would say, you just have to come to an event.”

Speaking of events, save the date for a free public event on Thursday September 7 at the Milwaukee Art Museum.  We’re presenting a curated StorySlam with stories inspired by the nineteenth-century ceramics of David Drake, the work of Rashid Johnson and other artists of the African diaspora. Thanks to MAM and the Chipstone Foundation for partnering with us on this project!