HI!  I’m Kennita Hickman and I’m very excited to work for Ex Fabula as their new Event Producer.  I would consider myself an urban cultural and music writer, entrepreneur and health enthusiast. I also own a boutique full service brand development and management company called Catera OmniVision group, where I manage and develop independent talent.

Prior to my work at Ex Fabula, I wrote for various music publications including Urbanology, Relevant and The Source.

I came to Ex Fabula because I love their (now our) mission to create community through the art of sharing stories. It’s important work and helps create diversity in a city that needs it. Working at Ex Fabula also allows me to work at a place where my life mission and values coincide with my work life.

When I’m not working, I love to try new foods (vegan and international as of late). I also enjoy volunteering. I currently serves as a board member for Above the Clouds, a faith based arts and youth organization and Repairers of the Breach, Communications and Fundraiser Committee.  I also served as Vice President for Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI).

I look forward to continuing the great work Megan McGee and our amazing volunteers have already started. And, I can’t wait to hear your amazing stories.

See you at the next slam!