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Close Encounters RECAP

A lingering polar vortex was almost a close encounter in itself, but it wasn’t enough to stop story fans from coming out to our first Story Slam of the year, “Close Encounters”! And boy did we start the year off with a bang – African lions, New Kids on the Block, Gen Con, and Mozart were just the beginning of our journey through nine tales of “Close Encounters”!

Missed out? Check out our recap below, or listen to our monthly podcast, which you can subscribe to on iTunes. Continue reading “Close Encounters RECAP”

“Trust Me” Recap

by Ex Fabula bloggers Hanna Gichard and Kimberly M. Ousley

They came. They saw. They trusted.

Ex Fabula started Season 5 on Tuesday, October 15th at the Times Cinema with funny, bittersweet, and heartfelt tales on the theme of “Trust Me”. Continue reading ““Trust Me” Recap”