Virginia Pothier

One ALL STAR, One Podcast!

We’ve got a double scoop of sweet ALL STARS goodness today – not only do we have Q&A with Virginia Pothier, the ALL STAR who stole the show at April’s “Fool Proof” StorySlam, but we also have a brand new podcast of stories from past ALL STARS shows to get you even more excited about Friday’s show. Continue reading “One ALL STAR, One Podcast!”

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“Off the Hook” Recap

Ex Fabula returned to Hot Water Wherehouse this month for a story slam that was “Off the Hook’. The lovely Dasha Kelly served as emcee for the evening, welcoming a few first timers to what clearly became the male story hour. Continue reading ““Off the Hook” Recap”

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“Bonus” Recap

by Ex Fabula bloggers Kimberly Ousley and Hanna Gichard

Season five continues to thrive. This month Ex Fabula returned to the Times Cinema to uncover what exactly defines a ‘Bonus’. The always lovely and delightful Leah Delaney served as emcee for the evening. Continue reading ““Bonus” Recap”

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Close Encounters RECAP

A lingering polar vortex was almost a close encounter in itself, but it wasn’t enough to stop story fans from coming out to our first Story Slam of the year, “Close Encounters”! And boy did we start the year off with a bang – African lions, New Kids on the Block, Gen Con, and Mozart were just the beginning of our journey through nine tales of “Close Encounters”!

Missed out? Check out our recap below, or listen to our monthly podcast, which you can subscribe to on iTunes. Continue reading “Close Encounters RECAP”

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Spectacular RECAP

Ex Fabula’s Spectacular show at Turner Hall Ballroom featured veteran storytellers sharing various tales of Bad Company. Megan McGee and Dasha Kelly shared emcee duties for the evening, delighting the crowd with their charms and sharing some fun facts about our storytellers. Continue reading “Spectacular RECAP”

Ex Fabula Podcast #2 — Off The Record

In anticipation of Ex Fabula’s “Off the Record” Story Slam this Wednesday at Lucille’s Piano Bar, we present our second podcast. In this podcast you’ll hear Stephanie Kilen’s story that was recorded live at an Ex Fabula event held in April 2012 where the theme was “Better Left Unsaid.”

Listen above, or better yet, download and subscribe to our monthly podcasts over at iTunes. (If you like what you hear, give us a five star rating and leave a comment — those tasks  satisfy fancy Internet algorithms and helps us get our name out there. Much obliged.)

We’ll see you Wednesday.