Ex Fabula returned to Hot Water Wherehouse this month for a story slam that was “Off the Hook’. The lovely Dasha Kelly served as emcee for the evening, welcoming a few first timers to what clearly became the male story hour. 

To start the night, Joel Dresang shared a tale of how a deer saved him from a speeding ticket. Michael Heider’s story also involved avoiding a speeding ticket; in this case, the police were busy guarding the roads for the Vice Presidential candidate. Then, newbie Jonathan Brostoff told of the most incredible party ever and the great lengths he and his friends took to find it.

After a beer break, we welcomed 3 more first time storytellers to the stage. Michael Mangan’s story about running for office involved a gorilla suit and several arrests – although fortunately, his cases were eventually dismissed. Tiodolo Delagarza’s gripping tale took us through different stages of his life when different things were “off the hook”: joining a gang and beating a lifelong prison sentence, but later getting an education and giving back to his community.

Tim Higgins then took the stage with a story of Summerfest, public nudity, confession, and forgiveness. Mark Steidel followed the second beer break, talking of skydiving with his nephew, and then Phillip Cruise Warren shared a tale of sailing the seas on a mighty vessel with a huge anchor.  Finally, Dave Hendrickson shared the rise and fall of his career as a pool shark.

While votes were counted, guest teller Avi Lank wove together stories of wedding rings, including an episode with the Canadian border guards. At the end of the evening, Tim Higgins was crowned Audience Favorite.

Thank you storytellers for sharing a piece of yourselves with us! Thanks also go to Dasha Kelly for being such a wonderful emcee, to Hot Water Wherehouse and their staff for welcoming us to their space, and to all our wonderful volunteers and sponsors for your time, efforts, and continued support.

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