Yes, Ex Fabula is a live storytelling outfit. But we get it, you’re busy. You can’t make every event. No hard feelings.

Tell you what we’re going to do: We’re going to post monthly podcasts to iTunes. That way you can hear some of the great stories even if you weren’t there to hear them firsthand. All you have to do is go to iTunes, click on podcasts and type in “Ex Fabula.” You’ll find us there. Quick disclaimer: Apple is processing our podcast as we speak and it could be a few more days before it’s actually available on iTunes. When it is up, make sure to click “subscribe,” that way the newest podcast will automatically download to your account each month.

In our premiere podcast, Ex Fabula cofounders Megan McGee and Leah Delaney talk about the organization’s mission and share a few of their favorite stories from last month’s fundraiser/kickoff event. We figure it’s a good way to introduce ourselves in podcastland. Future episodes will feature the best story from the previous event.

Happy listening.