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“Off the Record” Recap

by Ex Fabula bloggers Hanna Gichard and Kimberly Ousley

On Wednesday, November 13th, we went “Off the Record” at Lucille’s Piano Bar and Grill. Nine storytellers delighted a full house to juicy and hilarious stories. Missed out? Read on for an “on the record” scoop. Continue reading ““Off the Record” Recap”

“Trust Me” Recap

by Ex Fabula bloggers Hanna Gichard and Kimberly M. Ousley

They came. They saw. They trusted.

Ex Fabula started Season 5 on Tuesday, October 15th at the Times Cinema with funny, bittersweet, and heartfelt tales on the theme of “Trust Me”. Continue reading ““Trust Me” Recap”

First Day Recap

The first day of anything – school, job, marriage, boob job – is bound to be full of nerves, excitement, fear, glee and surprises. The first day of Ex Fabula’s third season was no exception. Audience, storytellers and the Ex Fabula crew had opportunity for all these emotions at the Bay View Brew Haus, Tuesday, October 11.

It particularly appropriate to have first-time storytellers speaking on the night’s theme of “First Day.” Mark Steidl told of his first day of kindergarden, Josh B thrilled with a story of his first day as a high rise window washer and Jim Winship, who went on to win Audience Favorite, shared the story of the first day after his father’s funeral. Jim and his brother went to The Carter Family Fold to see some bluegrass music and were treated to a surprise guest: “My brother and I are sitting 40 feet from Johnny Cash and I know heaven is not that cool,” Jim said.

Mike Heider and Rose Delaney told of their first stressful days working in Milwaukee factories. Tom Dillon’s first day of Little League turned out to be his last. Dana Lovrek had emotional first night in her first apartment cuddling a stolen cat. Amie Losi’s first experience in combat theater was also the first time she dressed as Godzilla. And, Donte McFadden had to get up on stage to tell his story about his first day teaching a public speaking class because the Ultrashort  he tried to write about it was, well, too long.

Maybe you missed the First Day. Not everyone is an early adapter. That’s cool. Our next regular season event is Wednesday, Nov 16 at Stonefly Brewery.

Confessions from…The Sybaris – Video

Dan Niederloh and Dana Lovrek had this Confession to share our Season 2 Kickoff event held on Oct 13, 2010 at Stonefly Brewery.

High Frequency Media made an abridged version for us to share with you on video:

High Frequency Media

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/16840497]

Recap of October 13 event, “Confessions”

by Erick McGinley

After a summer of smaller events, Ex Fabula’s kicked off their 2010-2011 season with an event at the Stonefly Brewing Company; the theme was  “Confessions.”  Stories and ultra shorts included confessions of lying, vandalism, sex and intimacy (and the lack of), embarrassment, nicknames, and even secret identities.  As Adam Carr indicated in his story about his lifelong pattern of stress eating, everyone has something to confess.  And while no one can argue that fact, it is something else entirely to stand in front of a microphone and a crowd of people to tell otherwise silent secrets.

Jean-Andrew boldly confessed her passion for dumpster diving, going on to explain that she works nights as a superhero saving raccoons.  Following her, Bud Dom Bro confessed to the audience a very different passion related to animals in small places as he demonstrated how he traps and exterminates chipmunks.  Rebecca Segal confessed that until the age of 10, she was convinced that Wyoming was a country in Asia.  Cindy Grover told of her love of lying brought on by a trip to the Bahamas that stayed very economical due to her “storytelling” abilities.  Later, Dasha Kelly told of how she found and lost athletic stardom as she moved from high school to college, regretting that she never asked for help when she needed it.  Clyde Winter also shared regrets from a season spent in the Gulf of Alaska.  After a fishing trip that nearly ended in tragedy, he realized he had never thanked the man responsible for saving his life.

Showcasing the storytelling form called “the Du0,” Dan Niederloh and Dana Lovrek brought us back through an evening they shared together as they were just meeting.  Their story was innocent enough, even though Dan had set up their first evening out as a 15th Anniversary celebration at the Sybaris; also read, “sex motel.”  Picked as audience award winner, Brooke Maroldi recounted how during her childhood, she earned a lifetime ban from the Lifesaver Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair.  Later, as a film professional, Brooke worked for the Lifesavers company.  To a boardroom of almost all older men, Brooke told them, “Guys…I have a confession.”  Thankfully for her, they responded that the ban had been lifted.

If you’re looking for more Ex Fabula and storytelling fun, the next events are right around the corner.  On Tuesday, November 9th, Ex Fabula returns to the Bay View Brewhaus for an event with the theme of “Neighbors”. Then on Thursday, November 11th, Ex Fabula will be at a Still Waters Collective event, the ninth “Verbatim: the Power of Speech.”  For more information, see http://www.stillwaterscollective.com.  See you in November!