My Story: Meet the rest of the ALL STARS

Our ALL STARS event is almost here! On Wednesday the 13th, the Audience Favorite storytellers will take the stage at Turner Hall Ballroom. Last week, we introduced three tellers and our special guest. Today, we are introducing three more tellers. To help you get to know them, we asked them the question,Continue reading “My Story: Meet the rest of the ALL STARS”

My Community: Getting to know the ALL STARS

The word community is relative to one’s social ideals and practices. Often times we only scratch the surface of communities; not knowing that each individual, each entity has their own unique tale rife with elements that blindly connect each of us. Continue reading “My Community: Getting to know the ALL STARS”

Ex Fabula Radio – Winning All Stars Story Video

We hope you enjoyed the first Ex Fabula radio show – featuring YOUR stories from our first season! We’ll be back with more stories August 4th. If you missed this broadcast, tune into WMSE 91.7 at 8:30 am on Sunday July 11 to hear it again.

Here’s a visual abridged version of Stephanie and Laura’s story!

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