What does it mean to belong? On Wednesday night locals gathered at Hot Water Wherehouse to hear true, personal tales on the subject of Belonging. Continue reading “Belonging:Recap”

UltraShorts and January Events

Happy New Year! We hope it was safe and festive! A new year indicates fresh beginnings & experiences. A time of renewal and appreciation for life’s offerings.Continue reading “UltraShorts and January Events”


The following was an Ultra Short handed in at our Ex Fabula ALL STARS event held last Friday, May 14th.

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“I saw He-man and Skeletor at Southridge mall when I was 5. My mother realized my childhood ended when I looked at them, turned to her, and said “Why does He-man have a zipper in his back?”
-Kevin Barry


Wanna win a pair of tix to Ex Fabula’s ALL STAR  event next Friday, May 14th at Turner Hall?? Then, post your favorite, true and personal EPIC FAIL Ultra Short Story. Unfamiliar with ‘Ultra Shorts’? Teensy stories that range from 1 to 12ish lines. Post on our Blog/Facebook/Twitter pages and post often : )

*Winner will be chosen on Wednesday, May 12th, 2010!

P.S. Even if you do not win, your Ultra Short Story has a good chance of being read at our event next Friday!

Ultra Short from our last event in April: *Stranger in a Strange Land*

“You don’t understand the culture, the food is full of weirdness, the people are kind of rude and look at you funny, but there, after a while, you settle tentatively in and maybe even find someone to sit with at lunch. Switching high schools is tough.”

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You know ‘em and love ‘em. Ultra Shorts…

from our last event  held in April, at Stonefly Brewery : ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’

“On our 3rd date we got locked in the Milwaukee Art Museum! We were in a far gallery, and without warning all the lights went out. We slowly felt our way past sculptures, pedestals holding breakable things. We got to sit on the furniture behind the ropes! Almost art thieves.”


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We’re getting all geared up for ….

the Wed 3-24th event held at Mo’s in Tosa! Theme: Luck.

Here’s another Ultra Short Story from our last show at the Bay View Brew Haus!
The Theme: Now or Never

“It’s now or never as I ride my 16 year old self, 10 miles, on my cheap 10 Speed all the way to a 17 yr old boy’s house. I …stop. Walk up. Now!….or never. I get back up on my bike and ride those 10 miles back home.”

– Mel Kingston

… Don’t worry, Mel. That guy is probably in jail by now, anyway. You chose right!

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