Happy New Year! We hope it was safe and festive! A new year indicates fresh beginnings & experiences. A time of renewal and appreciation for life’s offerings. These moments come to us in different ways. Be it sorrow or joy; childlike wonder or sheer surprise, let’s review some UltraShorts that reflect the various perspectives of ‘new’:

The first morning after the first night in my new apartment, I rolled over in my roommate’s bed & said, ‘Oops.’ Now we share the same bed.

My first trip to New York City was during the subway strike of 1980. I was fifteen, walking around Times Square alone around midnight. Amidst the filth, drug addicts & creepy johns, I thought to myself, “This is great!” The only downside of the trip? The theft of my friend’s joint roller from our hotel room.

I went curling for the first time. You think curling is like bowling – fat beer drinkers with little coordination. It’s actually hard; a physical challenge, a deep lunge on ice. I fell and slid on my ass. I have a new appreciation of curling. Find a new view of my limitations, especially of my stereotypes about guys and gals, drinking bear & throwing stones.

Why not jump in the fountain?

Tried to breakdance at a wedding……..in a strapless dress.

Walter hands out UltraShorts. Photo by Art Montes.

Walter hands out UltraShorts. Photo by Art Montes.

I was nervous to start reading chapter books until my teacher gave me The Boxcar Children and I’ve never stopped reading since!

My husband died of brain cancer last year. The time with him was incredibly fast, yet the moments without him are slow. Life moves as we perceive it. Time to rebuild.

I went wild once & dyed my hair purple. My mom wasn’t pleased. Then my friends went wild & we had matching hair.

After over 10 years of studying high art, I came to appreciate my grandmother’s poems & mom’s drawings more than that on most walls.

I was five when we got our first dog. One dog wasn’t enough so I climbed a tree in our yard & stole an egg from a nest. I put the egg under my new puppy because I thought she could hatch another.

We hope you enjoyed those! Ex Fabula is looking forward to sharing more of your UltraShorts & true, personal stories in 2016! Interested in becoming involved with Ex Fabula? Join us Wednesday January 6th for our volunteer orientation! Are you nervous, yet ready to tell your story? We have workshops to assist you in crafting your personal narrative! Our next public workshop is Saturday January 9th. Season Seven rolls into Hot Water Wherehouse for the first StorySlam of 2016 on Wednesday January 13th at . Tickets for both events are available now! A big thanks to January StorySlam sponsor Cream City Foundation, season sponsor Transfer Pizzeria Café & workshop sponsor Milwaukee Turners. See you soon!

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