Secret Fabula Coffee at Stone Creek

by guest blogger Raina J. Johnson
photos by Elizabeth Dawson

I don’t know two things that are more universally accepted than coffee and story-telling. Both have stood the test of time. Even as technology advances, coffee and stories seem to remain timeless ways to bring people together for what is guaranteed to be a great time. Guests at Ex Fabula’s Secret Fabula were able to experience that sense of togetherness and community on Saturday at Stone Creek Coffee on 5th and St. Paul.

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Secret Fabula recap

Ryan serves up microgreens; photo by Elizabeth Dawson.
Ryan serves up microgreens; all photos by Elizabeth Dawson.

On Sunday the 3rd, Ex Fabula hosted a Secret Fabula event at Sugar Bee Farm and the Energy Exchange. Members were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at this unique organization that included a tour, a chance to try delicious sautéed mushrooms with fresh greens, a game of trivia, and of course,  great stories!Continue reading “Secret Fabula recap”