The next installment of Ex Fabula’s storytelling series, “Terminal Milwaukee” will take place Friday, September 9th, 8 p.m., at Satin Wave Beauty Salon and Barbershop, 6446 W Fond Du Lac Avenue,  Milwaukee. Through the “Terminal Milwaukee” series, Ex Fabula will see Milwaukee through the eyes of a lifelong resident, Tom Crawford, and visit the neighborhoods he grew up in and worked in over the years.The series began at Ex Fabula All Stars 2011 season finale on June 2nd at Turner Hall with Tom’s story on the evening’s theme, “Secrets and Lies.”  The second in the seven-event series took place in front of a packed crowd at Club Garibaldi in Bay View, a bar Tom frequented  when he worked as a Longshoreman hauling salt on the docks of Jones Island.  The theme for the evening was “All in a Day’s Work.”  Tom came to this project as a standout storyteller from Ex Fabula All Stars 2010 and a self-described “terminal” Milwaukeean.  His visceral personal stories are gripping, vivid and filled with detail and affection for the neighborhoods they are set in.

Tom spent much of his early years in his father’s barber shop, swapping stories with customers and socializing with other barbers. Tom’s father’s shop was situated in the same neighborhood in which Satin Wave was located for 18 years of its 60-year history. This made Satin Wave a natural choice to host “Barbershop,” the third installment of the Terminal Milwaukee series.  Furthermore, Satin Wave has its own compelling history.  Established in the 1950s by James “Flip” Flippin, the shop moved to different locations in several north side neighborhoods as the city changed. When Flip died in 1988, the shop’s ownership was passed to his nephew, Ronnie Sherrill. Ronnie continues to own and operate the barbershop to this day, and he will share a story at the September 9th event. Satin Wave Barber Shop has been at its current Capitol Heights neighborhood location since 1998.

This event, like all the Terminal Milwaukee events, will feature additional storytellers preselected from neighborhood residents. Time permitting, audience members will have the opportunity to share their memories and experiences of the neighborhood as well.  Finally, Milwaukee historian, John Gurda, will contribute historical vignettes to this and every event throughout the Terminal Milwaukee Series.

Seating is limited, so the audience is encouraged to arrive early to ensure a spot.  This is also a “BYO” event; audience members are welcome to bring their own beer or wine and Satin Wave will provide ice.  There will be a post-event gathering at Gene’s Bowling Lane, across the street from Satin Wave.

“Terminal Milwaukee” is funded in part by a major grant award from the Wisconsin Humanities Council. The Wisconsin Humanities Council supports and creates programs that use history, culture, and discussion to strengthen community life for everyone in Wisconsin. The WHC receives funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the State of Wisconsin.
In the fall of 2009, the five founders of Ex Fabula began organizing live events in Milwaukee to provide an outlet for true, personal storytelling. The goal was to create shared experiences for individuals from different communities in the city. The fledgling organization was called “Ex Fabula” – Latin for “from stories”.

For more information about Ex Fabula, Terminal Milwaukee, or to view the Terminal Milwaukee series trailer visit, or call Amy Schleicher, Project Director, at 414-840-3930.