We are excited to once again share a brief bio on each of this year’s ALL STAR storytellers.  Our first ALL STAR, Carl Fuerst, was voted audience favorite when Ex Fabula made a special appearance at the Wisconsin Book Festival.  Many thanks to the folks at the Wisconsin Humanities Council for inviting us to the festival and too all the fine folks in Madison who came out to Ex Fabula’s first Mad Town event.  You can catch Carl at this year’s ALL STARS event on June 8!

Carl Fuerst lives in Madison, WI, with his wife Annie, his dog Benny, and his four chickens, Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia (also known the Golden Girls). His first experience with Ex Fabula was during the Wisconsin Book Festival, where he told a story about his brother becoming a chef. By day, Carl works at the University of Wisconsin in Rock County; by night, he writes fiction in his garage. He’s finishing a doctoral dissertation about the science fiction novels of Philip K. Dick, and he plays guitar in a Milwaukee-based band called “Let’s Kill Hitler.”