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Hello! My name is Heather Hingston. It’s so good to meet you. I grew up in a small, south-central Kansas town. I made my way to Milwaukee to serve with Americorps and Habitat for Humanity. I am so thankful to be working in the neighborhoods of Milwaukee that, on the outside, appear to have been forgotten. But when you look closer, and dig in, you find a richness that is like no other. I feel like a lot of people say that about Milwaukee as a whole- that you do not fully understand its grandness until you really explore this city. This has definitely been my experience and I am loving it so far!

My story for June is one about stories, and the power that they can have in our lives. I hope you enjoy it. See you all in June!

Heather won this season’s story slam on the theme “Piece of Cake.”  You can listen to her story below and check out the Piece of Cake recap here.

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