This year Ex Fabula gained four new amazing board members! We asked them each five questions about who they are, what inspires them, and why they are excited to take on this important role in our organization!

Meet Dr. Rhoan Garnett

What five words would you use to describe yourself?

Curious. Open-hearted. Supportive. Innovative. Inspired.

What things are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about education and learning and collaborating with students, educators, and leaders to design better learning tools, technologies, and platforms to address pressing problems and educational opportunities for learners from the most marginalized communities. My passion grew out of my own lived experience as a youth coming of age in the Caribbean in the 90s, the influence of roots reggae and hiphop music, and my experience navigating the American higher education system as an immigrant and first-generation student.

I grew from a youth committed to his own future success to an adult passionate about transforming systems that leave marginalized youth behind. I embody that transformation. Working to make postsecondary opportunities more accessible will help bridge the gap between my future and my past as I draw inspiration from the next generations of aspiring college graduates, career explorers, and life travelers.

What is your most memorable experience at Ex Fabula?

My most memorable experience at Ex Fabula was the Eutopia event (i.e., a “good place” story slam). It was at Anodyne Coffee on November 4, 2021. I’d been a resident of Milwaukee for two months. The slam was memorable for many reasons, including being my first storytelling event and witnessing how storytelling can be a deeper and more productive means of connecting MKE.

Especially notable was Executive Director Megan’s story about overhearing someone in the audience using the “N-word” at an earlier slam event. Megan used the Eutopia platform as a good place to address the bigotry and ongoing issues of racism in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. She was making good trouble encouraging white people to do better about taking the initiative in educating themselves about the history of race in America.

Megan embodied the Ex Fabula mission of connecting MKE through stories.

Who is a storyteller that has inspired you? And why?

Many storytellers have inspired me, but perhaps none more than the late great poet-musician Bob Marley. Listening to Bob reconnects me with my youth, grounds me in my journey, and helps me imagine a better future for the youth. His storytelling in music is a spiritual and belonging experience for me, reminding me of the profound healing power of our interconnectedness as human beings.

Why are you excited to be on the Ex Fabula board? 

Ex Fabula is a bridge to understanding and belonging, allowing the values of “self” and “community” to connect, learn, heal and grow together. I’m excited to support Ex Fabula in connecting MKE through storytelling.

*Find out how you can get involved with Ex Fabula here, or check out an upcoming event to see what we are all about!