By Ex Fabula Guest Blogger: Parker Winship

Our first show in Plymouth was a little like starting over. For tow
days we promoted our story slam, handing out fliers at the  Harbor
Fest in Sheboygan and the Arts Festival in Plymouth, often introducing
people to the concept of Ex Fabiula. We talked to a lot of these folks
and not all of them came, but a lot ofthem would say, “Oh. I got a
story for you.”

Just walking around, we heard stories from people about Lake Michigan
pirates, farting on dogs’ heads and famous nude bodies.

At the show event, staged at the heart of downtown Plymouth during the
Arts Festival, our theme for the day was “Brush With Fame.” Leah Leone
started us off with the tale of how she went from being the fat kid to
a self-taught anorexic to a teen model. her story reached a climax the
day she picked an ice cream sandwich over a life of fame and fortune.

Krista Wildflower recounted for us the fable of her famous toes, which
have earned her the nickname of the “rural wildowman” in Afircan dance

Evy Pervanus is a local celebrity. She’s “that lady who skydives and
is in her 80s.” She jumps regularly even took the opportunity on stage
to promote the senior skydiving trip she’s currently organizing.

Hannah Marshall gave us the softest-boiled crime story we’ve ever
heard. One night, high on cotton candy, drunk on Dr. Pepper, she ended
up on the wrong side of Johnny Law. Like anoy good femme fatale, she
batted her eyelashes and flirted her way out of trouble.

Karen Kolberg, actor, Comedy Sports co-founder and mime, always had
one of those faces that looked familiar. It just doesn’t happen to be
the same face as the glamour shot on her high school wall of fame,
which no one has ever recognized.

John Bedalove illustrated for us the perfect visual metaphor of
fleeting fame: the melting ice trophee he received for finishing third
in last year’s Riverwest 24 bicycle race.

Andrea Avery went to the Big Apple with the hope of meeting a
celebrtiy. Dispointed and bored, she spent an afternoon as an extra on
a TV show she’d never heard of. After she returned to Wiconsin, her
students said, “Hey. You were on Gossip Girl last night.” She ended up
being the celebrity she had sought for all along. There’s probably an
Aesop’s fable in there somewehre.

We will always love our Milwaukee bar shows, but it’s fun hearing
stories outside our usual orbit. We’re eager to future story
explorations in Elkhart lake and Sheboygan Falls during the coming