An evening of creative daring? Yes, please! Wild Space Dance Company presents Reckless Wonders, featuring new work from Artistic Director Debra Loewen. The performances will be held at the Milwaukee Rep‘s Stiemke Studio and feature previous collaborators, company members and storytelling courtesy of Ex Fabula. Storyteller Tracy Lehrmann will take the floor, sharing a new, true personal tale that will be illustrated through the art of contemporary dance.

Tracy tells her Game On story

Tracy at the 2012 Spectacular. Photo by Art Montes.

Tracy discovered Ex Fabula one day via her local newspaper.  She has since wowed audiences with a jaw dropping “Faking It” tale in January 2012 and on another occasion melted hearts with a story of wildlife rescue. When it comes to being on stage she shared, “The telling of the story is much less scary than the anticipation of it. Sharing with strangers is sometimes easier than sharing with people you know intimately.”  Tracy is very much looking forward to the upcoming event. “To have a chance to tell a story alone is a real honor, but to be part of a performance with an amazingly talented dancer is exceptional!”

We hope to see you there! For more information, please visit Wild Space Dance Company.

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