Thanks everyone one for a spectacular 3rd event! We did it! Together! <group hug>

Last chance to voice your suggestions for a theme: We’re deciding tomorrow. Hint: we like ’em punchy.

*My* (Amy’s) current favorite is “Valentine-Anti-Valentine” to cover those who have both gag-inducing in the good way and cringe-inducing in the bad way love stories, but I have but 1 vote of 5. Could be love related, or not.

As you probably know, our themes may be taken literally, figuratively or tangentially when you are choosing your story.

You’ve got less than 24 hours to shock and awe us with your fabulous theme idea, by Facebook, on Twitter, right here on the blog or by semaphore. Rest assured we keep surplus themes in mind for future events too.

Thanks again for filling our sentimental hearts with warm fuzzy joy on Tuesday, Milwaukee. You rule.