Ex Fabula announced the appointment of Megan McGee as the organization’s first executive director last week. Megan, a co-founder of Ex Fabula has taken the reins of the organization at a time of meaningful expansion.

“We have accomplished a lot in our four short years,” says Megan, “but as Executive Director, I hope to work closely with the Board and with all our wonderful volunteers to further our mission while creating a path to hiring a staff that will help ensure our long term success.”

Ex Fabula—whose unique name comes from the Latin phrase from stories—was founded in 2009 by a group of Milwaukeeans committed to strengthening community bonds by connecting individuals through universal experiences. Since its incorporation the following year, Ex Fabula has been maintained completely by volunteer support.

Megan McGee

Last year’s Terminal Milwaukee project shared Milwaukee’s neighborhood history with over one thousand attendees. In Sheboygan, the group developed a series of storytelling workshops to teach the art of storytelling as part their residency at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.

The position of Executive Director, which remains unpaid at this time, will allow McGee to oversee the expansion of programming here in Milwaukee. “We’ve had to make difficult decisions about where to direct our limited resources,” says Megan, “and I am very excited to leverage what we’ve learned in order to connect more Milwaukeeans through the power of sharing true, personal stories.”

Our fourth season of Story Slams will culminate with the yearly showcase at Turner Hall Ballroom Thursday, May 15.