Ex Fabula is one of 75 organizations selected to receive a grant from the Wispact Foundation to provide accessible services to disabled individuals. As a storytelling organization focused on promoting connection and empathy in our community, Ex Fabula sees accessibility as integral to our mission. However, our ability to meet the individual needs of attendees at all our events has been limited until now.

In 2016 Ex Fabula started The Equal Access Project with the goal of better serving individuals with disabilities. Project activities included free workshops, venue accessibility assessments, training volunteers to serve as sighted guides, and the creation of materials in Braille. In 2018 the Deaf Stories Project was started to center stories from Deaf community members – some of whom consider themselves to be individuals with disabilities. In 2020, Ex Fabula also began making free pay-it-forward tickets available to Slams and workshops to ensure that ticket cost isn’t a barrier for any community members.

With this $10,000 grant, Ex Fabula is expanding the scope of the Equal Access Project. For the first time, Ex Fabula is addressing transportation challenges by offering transportation stipends for individuals with disabilities. Individuals can request assistance by emailing info@exfabula.org or calling 414-530-3503.

The Wispact grant will also fund workshops, projects, and partnerships that will provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities to increase their storytelling skills and confidence. Organizations interested in partnering can visit https://www.exfabula.org/collaborate/ to request a storytelling workshop.

The Equal Access Project aims to respond directly to the needs of individual community members, so please contact Ex Fabula if you are interested in participating and would like to request accommodations, even if those accommodations are not listed above.