Is your New Year’s Resolution to brave the stage at an Ex Fabula StorySlam? If so, you can check if off the list before the holiday decorations even come down at our upcoming StorySlam!

Join Ex Fabula on Wednesday, January 8th for “Close Encounters,” our first StorySlam of 2014! A new year means new and exciting venues, and this time we’ll be enjoying the gracious hospitality of Hot Water Wherehouse (818 S. Water Street). 

Not everything is brand new for 2014, though – tickets are still $7, cash only, and the show starts at our usual 7:30 with doors opening at 6:30.

And speaking of New Year’s Resolutions, ours is to hear more of your awesome UltraShorts. So, if getting in front of the microphone isn’t your bag, we encourage you to submit your “Close Encounters” story in a few sentences on paper. The best UltraShorts will be read on stage by our emcee in between story tellers!

New to Ex Fabula? Let us explain: our StorySlams feature 9 story tellers who each tell a 5-minute story on a designated theme (as you can see, this one will be “Close Encounters”). At the end of the evening, the audience will vote for their favorite and the winner will secure a spot at our All-Stars event in May. Who gets to be a story teller? Anyone! If you want to tell a story, come early and put your name in the hat – we will draw from those names to pick our story tellers! And we reserve a few slots for first-timers!

So come raise a glass to a great, story-filled 2014 with us. Novices and veterans alike, we look forward to hearing the cream of the crop of “Close Encounters” stories and UltraShorts on January 8th!

Psst….want to get your story fix for free? Stay tuned to our Facebook for chances to WIN two FREE tickets! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, @exfabula