On Saturday September 10, Ex Fabula hosted a Guerilla Story Slam at Fondy Farmers Market. The theme was “Comfort Food.”  The resulting pot-luck virtual menu follows:

mom’s naked meatballs – Brooke Maroldi

dduck (Korean gnocchi) – Young Kim

roast chicken – Greg Ryan

mashed potatoes – Chris McLaughlin

mac n cheese 3 ways – Steph Kilen

fresh produce from our own gardens – Bruce Wiggins

pineapple upside down cake – David Johnson

East African curry, kidney beans & field corn – Amy Schleicher

Bill Cosby’s chocolate cake – Megan McGee

cow intestines – Adam Weise

kraft mac n cheese out of the pot & tomato sandwich a la Harriet the Spy – Nancy Ketchman

carrot cake & biscuits – Rebecca

limburger cheese, sardines & smoked oysters – Michelle Hoffman

chicken & salad – Aniya Garrin


At the request of Leah Delaney, there was no “hot white sauce” on the menu.

Thanks to all who shared stories about the particular comforts of these foods, especially our oldest contributor to date (Rebecca) and youngest contributor to date (Aniya, 9).