A big thank you to Philanthroper.com* for featuring Ex Fabula as its daily featured non-profit to support on Friday Sept 23rd, 2011! Our mission is to connect storytellers with live audiences to build stronger communities. We run a monthly story slam series from October to May in Milwaukee and do special projects oriented around sharing and listening to true, personal stories.
*NOTE: Philanthroper.com ceased operations in 2012

If you’ve come to our page through the Philanthroper site, welcome! Please look around as we have lots of stories to share in our archives.

Here are some of our favorites to get your started:

Cindy Grover’s Gifts story:

Watch Jeanie Dean’s Stranger in a Strange Land story:

[NOTE: Video no longer available.}

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Terminal Milwaukee is our latest special event series and takes us on a journey following one charismatic native son of Milwaukee, Tom Crawford. We are holding live events over the course of a year to revisit some of the neighborhoods of his life where he tells stories at each one, along with current neighborhood residents telling their own stories about the neighborhood. Historian John Gurda helps share the story of the neighborhood itself through historical vignettes told at each event.

Tom told his first great Ex Fabula story on the theme “Busted”:

You can watch a trailer for the Terminal Milwaukee series here:

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