Season’s greetings! Happy Festivus! Tis the season for joy, camaraderie and support. Speaking of support, did you know Ex Fabula has a membership program? Yup! Introduced during Season Five, Ex Fabula’s memberships have evolved considerably since their inception. For example, memberships  can be purchased year round and are good for a full 12 months

MembershipDepending on your selected membership level, benefits include:

  • Free/discounted Workshops. Need refine your storytelling skills? Ready for the stage but feeling nervous? Ex Fabula’s workshops can assist you to find your story and guide you on technique while providing supportive feedback.
  • Secret Fabula: These uniquely intimate members’ only storytelling events allow a glimpse into some of the city’s most distinctive locations. Shhhh…….
  • Schedule & Tickets:  As a member, you’ll receive advance notice of events plus free tickets to use at Ex Fabula StorySlams.
  • One for me, one for you! : Choose between a Solo or Duo membership. Duo? That means ‘double the benefits’, right?

Why give the gift of a membership? By becoming a member you help Ex Fabula unite and strengthen communities; allowing people to bond, share & learn through the art of storytelling. Your membership purchase is an investment. Supporting and investing in local organizations & businesses permits dollars to remain within the community and positively affect the local economy. Your membership support encourages the on-going development of community partnerships. Ex Fabula has partnered with various organizations, promoting education and communication, with both entities working together to further their respective visions and missions.

Check out this member profile for a true, personal account on the many benefits of purchasing an Ex Fabula membership! We thank Elaine and all of our members for their support!

Ex Fabula memberships are available for purchase online or in person at events and make excellent gifts! Plus, for each membership purchased in December 2014, the member will also receive a free ticket (two for Duo) to the January 25 Secret Fabula event which is 1-3 pm at the Brass Rooster.