Our ALL STAR du jour is Mr. Tim Higgins, who snagged the audience favorite crown at March’s “Off the Hook” StorySlam. He dishes what it’s like to be up on that stage in today’s Q&A. 

Tim Higgins

Tim Higgins at March’s “Off the Hook” StorySlam. Photo Credit: Artemio Photography

How did you learn about Ex Fabula?
I learned about Ex Fabula through my talented friends that created the show.

Give us a random fact about you that most people don’t know.
Something a lot of people might not know about me is that I have 5 cats. Well, they weren’t always “my” cats, but it was part of the marriage agreement.

How do you like to spend your down time?
I love telling people about my down time! I have so little of it that it is mostly slept through.

What’s one thing you love about Milwaukee?
One thing I love about Milwaukee is that there is so many talented people here.

…and what would you like to see change about Milwaukee?
What I would love to see change is that the citizens of the city would enjoy the weather a bit more, and realize that it won’t be cold forever.

What’s it like to be on stage, sharing a part of your life with a room full of strangers?
I drove myself crazy thinking of what it’s like to be on stage talking about my life in front of strangers. Then it was simple, I love it! It’s all the time leading up to that moment that I can’t stand. I go through every scenario of how it could go horribly wrong, but then I finally say to myself “These people want to listen to you! They don’t want you to fail! Even if someone did want you to fail, you don’t know that person! They’re all strangers! Who cares!” All of the sudden the time is up, and you find yourself back on your couch, catching up on Game of Thrones, covered in kittens.