Ex Fabula’s 2011-2012 Story Slam season continues Wednesday, Nov. 16th, 7:30 p.m. at Stonefly Brewery, 735 E. Center St. The story theme is “Close Call.”  Those wishing to tell a story should avoid their own close call and show up by 7:15 to sign up.  There is a $5 cover charge for this event with proceeds going to support Ex Fabula and Ex Fabula’s mission.

The evening’s storytellers will be drawn from a hat and each will tell a five-minute story related to the theme of “Close Call.”  As always, stories must be true and personal and storytellers may not use props or notes. At the end of the evening, the audience will crown its favorite storyteller.

We offer a few different storytelling formats including the solo, duo, rashomon, and the terkel.  While our most common format continues to be the solo, we encourage you to try your hand at one of the others.  For more information on your storytelling options including guidlines for each format, you can check out Ex Fabula’s website or contact Leah Delaney at leah@exfabula.org.

Following the November 16th event, the next 2011–2012 Story Slam season event will be at Turner Hall.  Mark your calendars for the Ex Fabula Storytelling Spectacular, Saturday Dec. 17th.  This curated event themed, “Family Ties,” is sure to be a dazzling respite in the midst of Milwaukee winter and a busy holiday season.

We should also mention that the next Terminal Milwaukee event is coming up this weekend at Sherman Perk Coffee Shop in the Sherman Park neighborhood.  The event will begin at 8pm with the theme of, “Intersections.”  In the meantime, here’s a great video from our last Terminal Milwaukee Event at Satin Wave Barbershop in Capitol Heights.